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Congratulations to our Shannon, taking 5th place at
The World's Strongest Woman 2002!

Reprinted with permission.  Photo by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. 
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Squat for reps at The WSW 2002

Jill Mills WSW 2001 & 2002 Johnny Perry in Back (4th WSM) and Our Shannon 5th place 2002 WSW

At The WSW 2002

Jill Mills WSW 2001 & 2002 Johnny Perry in Back (4th WSM) and Our Shannon 5th place 2002 WSW

These are the qualifier for 2002 in Scotland


These are of Shannon at the WSW qualifier...where she became the number 2 American for this years WSW


Her Last contest in August 2001, was in Scotland, and was a Qualifier for the First World's Strongest Woman Contest...She ended up being an alternate. Here are some shots from Aberdeen Scotland:

Shanin-Aberden-Casque.jpg (329271 bytes) Shanin-Aberden-Tire2.jpg (283092 bytes)Shanin-Aberden-Truck.jpg (321548 bytes)
Shannon in Aberdeen Scotland: The Casque Circle, The Tire Flip and The Truck Pull

Shanin-Aberden-Clean1.jpg (139879 bytes)Shanin-Aberden-Clean2.jpg (208036 bytes)Shanin-Aberden-Farmers.jpg (244076 bytes)
Shannon in Aberdeen Scotland: Clean & Jerk for reps          and the Farmers Walk

Shanin-Aberden-PushPull1.jpg (308966 bytes)Shanin-Aberden-PushPull2.jpg (307921 bytes)Shanin-Aberden-Tire1.jpg (235347 bytes)
Shannon in Aberdeen Scotland: The Push-Pull          and the Tire flip

shannainterview.jpg (105073 bytes) strongwoman2.jpg (358518 bytes) shannonSprints.jpg (94526 bytes)
Shannon being interviewed at a Strongwoman contest....more of Shannon at the same event

mase.jpg (462374 bytes)


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